Tesla Motors’ Master Plan

Tesla’s Master Plan was revealed in a 2006 blog by Elon Musk the founder of Tesla Motors. It states that Tesla wants to promote the production of fully electric vehicles in 3 steps.

Step 1: Build a high performance sports car to remove negative preconceptions of electric vehicles (that they are slow and don’t have much range).

Solution: Tesla Roadster is produced in 2008

  • 250 mile range
  • 0 to 60 miles in 3.7 seconds
  • Total built 2,600 


Step 2: Build a cheaper more functional, higher production vehicle

Solution: Tesla Model S is produced in 2012

  • a luxury 4 door sedan
  • 300 mile rage
  • Base price of $70,000 vs. base price of $110,000 for the Roadster
  • Current production of 800 car per week, production of 100,000 cars per year at the end of 2015 including Model X (SUV Crossover variant of the Model S)


Step 3: Build an even cheaper mass market, mass production vehicle

Solution: Tesla Model III is projected for production in 2017

  • 200 mile rage
  • Base price of $35,000 (half the price of Model S)
  • Forecast production of 500,000 cars per year

So far Tesla Motors has achieved the 1st two steps by production of the Roadster and the Model S. And it has started on step 3 by initiating the preliminary design of the Model III as well as beginning the construction of the Giga Factory that will supply the large quantities of lithium batteries needed for the Model III production. The introduction of the Model III will forever change the perception of electric cars and will start on the inevitable displacement of internal combustion vehicles.


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